Our Services

Solar PV

We can provide any capacity of Roof top& Ground mounted Solar and Net metering Proposal as per the requirement of client. It is useful for school, colleges, Government organization, small office, Big office, Industry, Hotel, Hostel, Mall, Shopping complex, Hospitals, Agricultural pumping, any place where electricity consumption is high.

For normal house hold working Solar Inverter with Battery backup system can be provided. And high saving is noticed.


Solar Thermal (Solar Water Heaters)

We undertake all turn-key projects. As well as small business and house hold customers. Also sales through dealers & distributors network.

Technical Specifications

Inner Tank:

We have all types of product in inner Tank like S.S. 304, GI, MS (1.6/2.0 M.M. thick)

Outer Tank:

Pre coated GI at 0.4 or 0.45 M.M. thick.


Puff, 50 M.M. thick at high Density.

Stand / Frame:

1.5 M.M thick GI with powder coating will last for minimum 25 years.


58 Die x 1800/2100 M.M. length which has got heating capacity of 0.168 Cm2.

We have suitable product to all type good and bad water PPM 200 to 1500. You can choose the Capacity and Product at your choice. Normally one person requires the 30 Litters of Bathing consideration with transmutation losses. All capacities like 100, 150, 200, 250, 300and 500LPD are direct insert Tube (compact).

Heat Pump – Water Heater

Heat pump comprises of heat pump unit, insulated hot water tank and interconnecting piping. It is compact, reliable and efficient. It can be installed indoors as well outdoors. Hot water is available round the clock as per the requirement. It is ideal for individual houses, bungalows, flats, apartments, hotels, hostels and hospitals.

Heat pump is a highly efficient way of heating the water. It consumes only 30% electricity as compared to the conventional electric heater. It simply means you pay for 4 months of electricity and get hot water for 12 months.

Benefits of Heat Pump:

  • Low running cost
  • Low maintenance
  • Small space required for installation
  • Zero pollution
  • Safer than conventional electrical heaters
  • High energy savings
  • Very less payback

Working of Heat Pump:

Range of Heat Pumps:

We provide 125LPH, 250LPH, 350LPH and 550LPH heat pump systems.

We also provide insulated storage tanks of capacity ranging from 300L to 5000L. Tanks available in MS / GI / SS material.


Energy Audit & Electrical Safety Audit

We are in the field of Energy Management and have conducted energy audits for wide range of industries. Generally 20% to 25% reduction in energy costs is achieved. Besides the benefit to Industry, these activities help in Environment Protection and Sustainability.Further, stand-alone services are provided for Power Quality, Thermography and Equipment performance studies.

We provide following services

  • Power Quality Audit
  • Electrical Safety Audit & Thermography
  • HVAC System Audit
  • Chilled Water System Audit
  • Cooling Water System Audit

Electrical Safety Audit & Thermography includes followings

  • Study of lay-out of transformers, HT and LT panels and review ‘statutory’ compliance.
  • Record and lay-out of earth pits and review of quarterly measurements.
  • Measure ‘earth resistance’ of main supply panels..
  • Verify provision of earthing of transformers, DG sets, panels, equipment, motors, etc.
  • Study present system of lightening arresters and coverage.
  • Observations on rubber sheets in front of electrical panels.
  • Review of present electrical distribution system-Single Line Diagram.
  • Study details of cables, connected and running load on each feeder.
  • Recommendations on ‘Electrical Safety’ related issues.
  • Preparing a Technical Report with observations and recommendations. This report will be submitted within 2 weeks from receipt of Order.

Energy Audit Process