About us

About Soledify

Founder Members of Soledify Systems Pvt. Ltd. recognize the nations need for energy that is the life line for social and economic progress. In spite of coming from varied business backgrounds they share a common passion to provide access to clean and affordable energy to industries, commercial establishments and the masses.

Directors of Soledify Systems Pvt. Ltd.envisages a future wherein we provide reliable and affordable solar energy access and simultaneously provide profitable partnership opportunities to the land owners and other stakeholders.

Soledify Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an organization focused on providing reliable, affordable electrical and thermal energy using Solar Resource based solutions including Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic solutions. A collaborative approach with its Technical partners, Investors, Landowners helps to deliver a cost effective solutions to it’s customers using a BOOT model (Built, Own, Operate and Transfer).

At Soledify Systems Pvt. Ltd., our efforts are channeled towards illuminating every aspect of your life. We offer intelligent Solar solutions that are unique, efficient, and most importantly environmentally viable.

Our Vision

At Soledify, We believe that success comes from Integrity and our vision is to be the most trusted solution provider in the field of solar systems.

We want to focus our growth and expertise to create new market opportunities which will provide competitive, valued, superior quality products and services to achieve customer delight.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best possible solar solution, personalized as per the customer’s requirement, and backed by quality service, engineering, design and knowledge.